The Finnish Insolvency Law Association was founded in 2011. The Association brings together lawyers specializing in insolvency law, as well as other professionals working with insolvency issues. The number of members 2024 is more than 300.  The majority of members are attorneys at law who act as administrators in bankruptcies and reorganization cases. The professional creditors are also widely and well represented.

The purpose of the Association is to promote connections between its members, and to support members in developing their professional expertise. In order to fulfill this purpose, the Association shall carry out research and development, organize training events for its members, draft proposals and initiatives, and maintain lines of communication with domestic and foreign insolvency professionals.

Additionally, the Association shall organize seminars and other similar events concerning topics and issues defined by the executive committee or other body appointed specifically for that purpose.  The Association gives its members a great opportunity for networking and making domestic and international contacts.

The President is Mr. Tuomas Hupli and Vice Presidents are  Mrs. Nina Aganimov, Mr. Jan Lilius and Mrs. Elina Pesonen.

The Chief Executive is Mr. Olli Rantanen.

For more information:

Chief Executive Olli Rantanen
Kenttäpostinkuja 6 B
90150 Oulu
+358 400 657 582